Your social media recipe – not a miraculous new phenomenon!

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People who know my philosophies on marketing know that I don’t believe social media is a miraculous new phenomenon.


Social Media Recipe: You need more than one marketing ingredient!

From my perspective, it is an exciting new channel for communicating about your business and yes, there are some rules to abide by. Just as there are if you want to get your press advertising, PR or direct marketing right.  But past that, it’s not going to revolutionise our lives.

What I also believe is that social media won’t work alone. In the same way that advertising won’t work on its own. PR won’t work on its own and nor will direct marketing.  For some ideas on how to integrate your offline marketing with your social media, take a look at this article I penned for The Sussex Newspaper:

Social media recipe: Why integration matters and how to do it

How have you managed to get more followers/ likes and contacts?  what business are you in and what has worked for you?


About coalitionmarketing

I am passionate about marketing. More than 17 years' experience across private, public and charity sectors has taught me what works and what doesn't for business and consumer marketing. I set up Coalition in January 2007 in Chichester, to provide organisations with unbiased and independent guidance and knowledge on how to market themselves effectively. Marketing is not rocket science. It is common sense and knowing the consequences of your actions. Coalition shares its marketing knowledge through consultancy and workshops so you can improve your decision making, planning and, effectively, your bottom line.
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