Organise your own ‘Topping Out’ ceremony!

I was invited to a client’s ‘Topping out’ ceremony on Friday and I made a few ‘notes to self’. 


My last Topping Out ceremony as Marketing Manager – DLR extension to London City Airport in 2006!

For those looking blankly at the screen, the construction industry marks the achievement of putting the last beam in place on top of a newly built building.  It’s a get together to which key partners who have made the project possible are invited, plus a couple of local dignitaries and usually involves a glass of something and some nibbles.

The main note I made to myself is to mark achievements and celebrate more! Too often we just carry on plodding and forget to pat ourselves on the back when we’ve got a new client, finished a tough piece of work – or even reached a point in our business when we can recruit someone or take on a commercial lease; real rites of passage for a small business!

It’s so easy to get carried away by the momentum of running our business, as though we’re all running on a hamster wheel, and we rarely come up for air – and to see what we’ve achieved.

It’s ironic, as when I ran marketing teams in my past life, I was very conscious about congratulating my team, allowing celebration when we achieved a goal; got through a product launch; packed up after a 3 day exhibition or reached the end of a year-long marketing campaign.  Why do I not allow myself the same reward?

So, thanks to the topping out ceremony, I’ve decided I will mark achievements and celebrate more in my business – we all should!


Remember to celebrate!

So please join me in raising a glass to my new part-time colleague, Limara Hassall, who started a couple of weeks ago and my new commercial premises, into which I’ll be moving later this month! Not only should you be congratulating yourself, but there’s a PR story in there…!

Happy Days!


About coalitionmarketing

I am passionate about marketing. More than 17 years' experience across private, public and charity sectors has taught me what works and what doesn't for business and consumer marketing. I set up Coalition in January 2007 in Chichester, to provide organisations with unbiased and independent guidance and knowledge on how to market themselves effectively. Marketing is not rocket science. It is common sense and knowing the consequences of your actions. Coalition shares its marketing knowledge through consultancy and workshops so you can improve your decision making, planning and, effectively, your bottom line.
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