Getting in someone who ‘does’ marketing

In my travels I find there are many business owners who are nervous about outsourcing; whether it’s their accounts, IT, sales, admin or marketing they’re considering getting help with.

When it’s your own business, of course you need to be sure you’re getting help where it’s needed and you need to feel you can trust the person you’re outsourcing to.

It's about working together on your business

So, how do you go about finding the right person? It’s important to be prudent in your recruitment process and here are some tips I put together for The Sussex Newspaper on getting someone in to help with your marketing:

Please let me know your experiences, thoughts and opinions on this – as outsourced marketing is what I sell, it’s helpful to hear from all perspectives!


About coalitionmarketing

I am passionate about marketing. More than 17 years' experience across private, public and charity sectors has taught me what works and what doesn't for business and consumer marketing. I set up Coalition in January 2007 in Chichester, to provide organisations with unbiased and independent guidance and knowledge on how to market themselves effectively. Marketing is not rocket science. It is common sense and knowing the consequences of your actions. Coalition shares its marketing knowledge through consultancy and workshops so you can improve your decision making, planning and, effectively, your bottom line.
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5 Responses to Getting in someone who ‘does’ marketing

  1. Like Louise, I’m passionate about doing what you are good at and working to your strengths so advise my clients to delegate or outsource the things they aren’t good at or hate doing. The ultimate aim is to focus on things that make a difference to the organisation – things that are strategic, things that drive revenue. True, we all have some admin and ‘stuff’ we need to do – but never at the expense of the stuff that matters.

  2. Tom Sloan says:

    Great article Louise – enjoyed reading it. Strangely, I’ve never coem across the Sussex Newspaper before. Maybe they’re a prime candidate for the Cobbler’s Children award?

    • Thank you for your comment, Tom. One aim of using guest writers is to increase awareness of the online paper through our various communciation channels. The other aim, of course, is not to pay journalists! ;o)

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